Lørdag den 16 marts 2019 / kl 13 00 / GRATIS entre
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YTConcerto is an 8-channel real-time computer generated mashup of YouTube videos. The algorithm driving the work explores the YouTube recommendation feature by playing randomly chosen fragments of videos that are retrieved by either submitting a randomly constructed query, or by exploring lists of videos "similar" to one previously chosen. The work takes inspiration from random mashups of recorded music, radio transmissions and ambient sounds made by John Cage in his Imaginary Landscape and Mix series, and aims to be as hilarious, mind-opening and profound as its predecessor.

The system will be on display from 1pm to 6pm. Andreja Andric will give two live performances with the system at 3pm and 5:30pm.

Throughout the show the audience is invited to try out the interactive version of the program.

ANDREJA ANDRIC (b. 1973) is a Serbian composer and computer programmer, permanently residing in Aarhus since 2014. He uses computer programming as key means of artistic expression, with the aim of discovering pristine, dynamic and complex sound worlds. Pioneer of genres of VRML art and smartphone solo symphony, he is also active in the fields of computer music, video and software art.

His work has been presented at venues such as Museum of Moscow and Musikhuset Aarhus, and he has performed in numerous international new media and sound art festivals including SONOM in Monterrey, Mexico, FILE in Sao Paolo, Circuit Bridges in New York, and elsewhere.



Supported by Kulturkanten