Onsdag den 27 marts 2019 / kl 19 00 / GRATIS entre
AAU Movie Night #6:
Clase Valiente

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AAU Movie Nights - a series of Spanish-film screenings organized together by AAU and 1000Fryd, open and free for everyone!

Reality changes according to the words we use to define it. The Brave Class is an experimental documentary investigating the importance of political language in our way of understanding the world. It counts on the analysis of over 20 experts such us Owen Jones, George Lakoff, ═˝igo Errejˇn, Christian Salmon o I˝aki Gabilondo and other important people in political communication. During the 2015 Barcelona elections we tried to introduce a concept into daily speech of politicians and communication experts, uncovering their manipulation mechanisms. The challenge involved many different people in actions of public intervention, urban art and other forms of social activism.