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3 BY 3

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“3 BY 3” is an art constellation composed of artists Cistina Lavin, Alba Liv and Sall Lam Toro. “3” is also the name of this 3-day cross-disciplinary art exhibition: an immersive, installation (sculpture, painting and video) and performative experience which explores spaces beyond rationality.

The gallery will exist in a crossfield between temple and exhibition space. This “borrowing” of two different traditions is possible since both relate to human experience and human enlightenment. Albeit: the temple implies a certain form of ascetic immersion, known as devotion, as the exhibition space implies immersion in artworks which and situations which we accept to hold a multitude of interpretations. An artistic object is understood as a sort of prismatic thing; it reflects uniquely unto every viewer, yet every viewer is aware of this prismatic trait. Together, they constitute a space for devoting oneself to understanding the nature of artwork. Artwork which, with its openness, always leads back to the self.

The artists will ‘devote’ themselves to the exhibition space for 3 consecutive days, without ever leaving it. The space is open to the public from 12 pm to 12 am.

During each day, two “climax performances” will occur, meaning, two solo performative gestures activating space for transformative possibilities and new findings when it comes to examine artworks.

// ABOUT //

SALL LAM TORO is an artist mainly working with conceptual live art, poetry, video performance and embodied practices such as butoh and improvisational dance. She is interested in deconstructing, re-signifying and examining the tensions between social and visceral body through concepts of decolonization, rhizome philosophy, and queer theory. She is based in Aarhus.

CISTINA LAVIN is an Indonesian / Danish artist, currently interested in creating a tangible space for awareness of the dichotomies within and between psychology and spirituality. Without consciousness experiencing the tangible spaces, it is nothing but a mere signpost towards what actually is. She works mainly with painting, photography and sculpture- compositing symbols of the intersecting dichotomies. Within her creative practice, she uses techniques similar to the paranoiac critical method.

ALBA LIV (b. 1997 in Aalborg) is a multidisciplinary artist and student of Comparative Literature at the University of Copenhagen. Currently residing in Copenhagen, the vantage point of her artistic practice is a patchwork of solo and collective projects that all deal with the notion of intentional and chaotic transference. Transference occurs spontaneously and constantly, ex. from one medium to another, or between a group of beings. In this way, her creative practice is highly influenced by the speedy and complex networks that rush through a capital city. Her method seeks to undermine the notion of originality and heighten the awareness of constant transference. She has worked in the art studio of 1000fryd, and studied at LungA School on Iceland in the fall of 2017. She is currently connected with the sphere within Musikværftet in Copenhagen, and the venue, Reffen209, that resides in the building.

Supported by Gellerup Kulturmidler / Århus Kommune and Kulturkanten