Fredag den 26 april 2019 / kl 20 00 / entre 50 kroner
Fvnerals (UK/BE)
Hjælp (local)

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Fvnerals is a band currently based in Brussels.

Syd (guitar) met Tiffany (vocals/synth) in the south coast town of Brighton in the beginning of 2013. They recorded and released their first Ep "The Hours" in February via their label Eerie Echoes and started gigging in May the same year. In the beginning of 2014, they put Fvnerals on hiatus snd released an album and toured with their side project Myyths. Myyths toured across England, Scotland and Belgium and were introduced on BBC Introducing the south.

During the summer of 2014, they started working on new songs that led to the recording of their debut album "The Light". The album was released on vinyl by Throne Records, digitally and on cd via Eerie Echoes Records. FVNERALS toured across England, Wales and Scotland in April 2015 and recorded a new Ep in June 2015 "The Path". In October 2015, Tiffany and Syd relocated to Glasgow, Scotland. FVNERALS toured across the UK in April and played Doom Over Leipzig festival in Germany. IIn June 2016 the band recorded their second album "Wounds", the album was released in October 2016 via Golden Antenna Records (EU) & The Native Sound (US), and was followed by a UK Tour in October. 2017 was a busy year, the band went on a European Tour in January, two UK Tours in March and June, a European Tour in September and finally a UK tour in December.


Do you like free jazz sax'n guitar, combined with godless noise elements that will make your perished ancestors twist and turn six feet deep?

Of course you do! But you're fronting like you don't.

Andreas and Oliver, the 2/4 of Rýk, has been dragged in to fill your night with experimental noise.

This Friday evening has it all! Drone sounds, noise, guitar, dark ambient. What is not to like.

X Factor 2019 is over. There are no longer any excuses to stay home.

We will have a good time, we promise. Listen to Andreas project through the link supplied.

We can in no way guarantee this is the product played at the concert. Think of it like sticking your hand into a mixed candy bag, and pulling out deterioating plastic. You can't and shoudn't eat it, but it sure is a surprise. Whether it is a nice surprise or just a health hazard, is up to you, the listener, to decide.